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Our irrigators are powered by a powerful electric start diesel motor that only uses 1/3 litre diesel per hour, simple to operate and cheap to run. We design our irrigators to the farmer's requirements and specifications.

There is very little water wastage or run off as we use the latest in spray technology to deliver the water where it needs to go - right down deep into the soil.

Boom irrigators offer 24 hour operation without wind limitations. With the added option of our hydraulic control turntable - irrigating can become a one-man operation.

ALL Upton Model irrigators operate with all the benefits of very low discharge pressure

  • Significantly lower pumping costs
  • Much reduced capital input in new installations
  • Smaller pumping plant & lower class pipe requirements
  • Gentle watering pattern - suits seedlings & other delicate crops
  • Ideal for fertigation
  • Not effected by wind

Upton Boom Irrigator

Upton Boom Irrigator

Upton Boom Irrigator



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Upton Self-Propelled Travelling Boom Irrigators

The Upton self-propelled boom irrigator is a fully galvanized, versitile machine that is suitable to water both tall and short crops. In many instances our booms offer a better solution to irrigation problems than central pivots because the machines can be easily moved around the farm from paddock to paddock, they are able to straddle most crops without causing any damage and they do not have problems with awkward corners which miss out on being watered. Plus another advantage of our boom irrigator, compared to traveling big guns, is the lower pressure needed to operate them along with the lack of problems with wind.

Upton LPL-160

Upton LPL-160 Self Propelled Boom Irrigator

The Upton LPL-160 self propelled traveling boom irrigator is fully galvanized and comes in boom lengths of 60 / 80 or 90M and when fitted with end guns this will add an extra 20M effected wetted area. The boom can be quickly & easily rotated for towing & relocating the machine. The LPL-160 incorporates many field proven features.
  • Perma-couple hose reel
  • The delivery hose is permanently connected to the hose reel during all modes of operation
  • A simple on/off valve facilitates purging of the delivery hose
  • Gear driven hose reel
  • Extremely rugged construction
  • Reliable air cooled diesel hydraulic drive system.
  • The speed of travel & application rate can be easily & accurately adjusted
  • Exceptional pulling power to handle the most rugged & undulating conditions with ease
  • Fully galvanized
  • Single front wheel
  • Easy to use hand held hydraulic controls

Upton LPL-80

Upton LPL-80 Boom Irrigator

The Upton LPL-80 model irrigator is a scaled down version of its big brother the Upton LPL-160.
  • Low energy operating pressure from 10psi
  • Excellent coverage regardless of wind conditions
  • Energy efficient (total 5 - 25hp)
  • Water efficient
  • Tricycle design suits row cropping for vegetables
  • Infinitely variable speed control (8-35 hrs for 400M runs)
  • Precise & gentle watering pattern (suits ALL crops)
  • Gully galvanized
  • Exceptional pulling power for the heaviest conditions
  • Perma-couple hose reel
  • Comes in various boom sizes starting from 40M
  • Easy to shift





Jeff Stokes
Ph: 07 5468 0000
Fax: 07 5462 3329

75 Crescent Street, Gatton 
Queensland 4343 Australia
Postal: P.O. Box 1, Gatton
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